Feel Clearer - Episode 7 - Little Moments of Enlightenment and Blogs

Hi everyone! I talk about what I have planned for the next few episodes. I also talk about blogs and how they can help us a little. This episode is about grabbing moments and getting out of being a slave to your daily ritual. This is about diffusing awkard situations with other people and yourself and to feel better and less anxious without much work at all.

Thank you to the blog Ramoney at : http://www.ramoney.com/2008/07/14/the-joy-of-now/

Also! Check out Hillary's yoga page at : http://www.hillarysyogapractice.com/ !

Enjoy every breath!

Rhys. :)


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Feel Clearer - Episode 6 - Defining You

Today I talk about how we define ourselves and how we might leave ourselves open to hurt. I talk about how we sometimes see ourselves as emotions and how we let ourselves get lost. And how we can, through meditation, begin to turn the cycle around. Theres a simple relaxation at the end.

Enjoy each breath!

Rhys :) .


Feel Clearer - Episode 5 - Internal Monologue

A bit of a longer episode today. In this one we focus on our internal space and our internal voice and the tone and posture we use in stressful situations. We go back over the past year and try and relive one of our most stressful times but with this new voice and mindframe so that we can move on and move forwards for the future.

I also mention a podcast called "A Quiet Mind" check it out at: http://www.aquietmind.com/

Peace out. x :


Feel Clearer - Episode 4 - Piano Relaxation

In this episode we relax and just allow ourselves to sort through and work with some of the things that may be on our minds that perhaps we did or didn't realise were there. We use music as an aid.


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Feel Clearer - Episode 3 - Stress Reduction Relaxation

In this episode we use a slightly different relaxation technique before to get into the right mind frame. Then I guide you through a hypnosis session to help reduce stress now and in the future. These kind of things usually cost money so I aim to bring you hypnosis sessions for free occasionally. ENjoy each breath :)


Feel Clearer - Episode 2 - Dirga Pranayama Breathing Exercise

Dirga Pranayama is also known as "Three-Part-Breath" or "Complete Breath" because you are breathing into three parts of your abdomen and making full use of your lungs. Many people breath shallowly in their throat and never use the full potential of their lungs. When practicing Dirga Pranayama we become more relaxed, calm and centred and we can do this simple breath whilst in a stressful situation to control the stress and to stay positive and on top of life. Enjoy every breath! :)


Feel Clearer - Episode 1 - Introduction and Simple Relaxation

In this episode I introduce myself and the podcast. I then take you on a guided relaxation bringing you deeper into your conciousness to a place of safety where you don't need to worry about a thing. Ideal for beginners or advanced listeners. :)